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Stocker Industrie backs all of our products with a full one year warranty. We can help you select the products and solutions that meet your specific needs.

Customers can also take advantage of the following services:

In-house repair and overhaul

We repair most equipment in-house with our staff or engineering specialists. We also can overhaul and refurbish older equipment to ensure that it provides many years of service.

Instrument calibration with traceable certificate

We have the tools and facilities to calibrate equipment to the highest precision and to verify that equipment has been properly calibrated. We provide traceability certificates for calibration conformance to indicate that all calibrations were performed according to recognised industry standards including TUV and SCIOS.

On-site evaluation and analysis

Our goal is to ensure that the products you purchase meet your requirements. Often times our clients begin with an on-site analysis of the industrial use or the professional installation requirements for a specific class of products. Stocker engineers can provide   you with a detailed analysis of the types of products which will solve your specific problem. We can help you understand the benefits and trade-offs of the various models available.

On-site and in-house product training

Our professional consultants can provide in-depth training on each of the products we offer. This can range from introductory courses on how to use our products for differing applications, to in-depth courses on how to get the most of the products you've purchased.

Stocker Industrie is a full service company that can meet the needs of the smallest installer to the largest industrial organisation.




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